Friday, September 28, 2007

4th month anniversary poem

my relationship is in great shape, it's a heart

n every day i feel like i've fallen deeper in love
but everday i feel like i've fallen in love
for the first time
words rhyme to maintain the rhythm
the heart beats on my eardrums, so my heart speaks
n it tells me about an angel on my shoulder
it tells me to hold her
but doesn't say WHY
though it doesn't matter cuz when i grab her, after i've grasped her
my body says, "do it again"
my heart pumps n my tongue jumps n it starts up with some instructions
kiss her kiss her kiss her i grab her, lean, imprint her
lips for sealed secrets shared, n i tell the secret if i dare
n my heart is dancing from romancing telling me to tell her fancily--
whoops--that's the secret! i tell the secret if i dare
but the heart is scared, he ALMOST DARES
to expose himself bare even though he could easily tear
so he instructs the mouth, the mouth rejects
devout respect to the heart who could die if he reached out with this
n the secret still stirs between them
mixing, bubbles, burns, then scalds
the burning secret he withholds
though the mouth is smart, he still gambles with the heart
the secret he scrambles at the start, as if he can't handle the mandible
but the angel knows the scrambled code
the secret is shared, the cat's out the bag
the heart dives to the feet to seek retreat
but there's no defeat, it's not met, at least not yet
the heart jumps on projects without thought process
n can regret it upon reflection
but the heavenly entity, seemingly readily ready with the remedy
read the instructions from her heart
i guess another idiot that works quicker than the brain
hasty and foolish
but maybe these two fools with their two foolish blood tubes
mirror actions AND sentiments, too
cuz hers told HER to say, "I love you, too"

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