Friday, September 28, 2007

The Island

6th month anniversary. Monumental. Out in the lake in my old neighborhood stood that lighthouse, on an island only as large as a single acre, and since dating you I always looked at it and said, “You know, I really want to take Taty out there one day.” Nearing our 6th month anniversary, I was entertaining the idea of taking you there more and more. After all, it was still early in our relationship and we had merit to break up for any ridiculous reason at that point.

One day at work I was daydreaming about us being on the island, and I suddenly imagined exotic island food, a blanket, Tiki torches, rose pedals, and you. It would have a Polynesian theme, after islands generally thought of as paradise, so the island would be our own little paradise. I naturally continued in thinking, And being with you is like being in paradise.

When the time came, I hopped in the boat with Olayo to set up all my supplies on the island, just as I had imagined them at work. Meanwhile, Craig was instructed to take my car and pick you up; in the car, he presented you with a lei and popped open the glove compartment to reveal a card. The card was romantic, and hinted at the events to come.

I remembered when you arrived how beautiful you looked. I also had lei on of a different color, and I took you by the hand to escort you to the paddle boat. I was afraid you may resist getting on it but was surprised to see that you were actually eager to see what I was up to. When we reached the island, I helped you off and showed you the private paradise I created for us, then told you, “Because being with you is like being in paradise.”

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Anonymous said...

By fay this has been the best surprise of all..It was like we were in our own little world, apart from everyone else. I absolutely loved it.