Friday, September 28, 2007

I’m Sowwy

This surprise is notorious, though it does have a happy ending. Unfortunately, the stupidity of this idea overshadows its intention and resolution, but it does make us laugh every time it comes up.

I’ll brush through this one so I don’t humiliate myself too badly:

Before you get to work at Charlotte Russe early one morning, I tie balloons to the protective mesh that say “I’m sorry!” and “Please take me back!” (I learn later that you just shrugged this off, kind of confused.)

A few hours later, a friend of mine drops by to tell you I said I was sorry, and to please take me back. You question him but he just leaves immediately.

You call me, undoubtedly concerned about what I’m might or might not have done, but I ignore your call. I have to wait until everything transpires before I talk to you about it.

Fewer hours later, a man shows up at the store with a flower delivery addressed to you. The card in it confesses my remorse and begs you to take me back.

I get another call from you and again I ignore it, but this time you leave a message. I battle with myself over whether I should check it, only to call my voicemail in the end anyway. The message is panicked and borderline tearful, frantic over what I’ve done to keep sending these apologies. I thought you would just shrug it off! Bad miscalculation.

I don’t even finish the message before I’m calling the store. I get you on the phone and tell you it’s just another surprise, all will be explained in an e-mail I already sent you. You made me swear several times that everything was okay and I didn’t do anything bad before we hung up.

You later forgave me when you read the e-mail; basically, I pointed out that since I’d do so much to keep you when I have no risk of losing you, there’s no limit to what I’d do to win you back if I ever lost you.

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