Friday, September 28, 2007

Les Photos

Before we started dating, we went to a French competition located at some elementary school where we made out for a long time… But that’s not what this is all about! It was also memorable because it was the first time I asked you out, even though you denied me. LOL!

I brought you back to the school after a few years had passed, leaving you understandably confused. What on earth were we doing there? Well, I whipped out a disposable camera and we began taking impromptu pictures of funny faces, jumping in the air, and posing.

Now, I had originally planned on going to the movies while we waited for the pictures to develop, then to look over them while we ate at a restaurant. Instead, we just got something to eat while they developed and then looked at them in the car. It was actually more special, just because it wasn’t planned, and the pictures came out great. We cracked up as we looked through them, and you can see how much genuine fun we’re having together. And you know I still keep that picture of your butt in my visor to this day!

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