Friday, September 28, 2007

Bunny Bonanza

I always wanted a girl that would appreciate romantic surprises, a girl who appreciated a guy that took an exhaustive amount of time, creativity, and energy to woo her in a positive way. When I new you were that girl, I had to put together a surprise that I had long fantasized about. I always wanted to, while still in high school, plant gifts in each class for a girl just before she arrived there. I was so glad that you were the one I ended up doing it for.

You said you liked bunnies, so I went to Toys-R-Us and bought 4 different color, stuffed bunny dolls (the colors were very specific, researched the day before). I also bought 4 Hallmark® cards and 4 flowers that each matched a color of one of the bunnies.

The next day at school, I successfully eluded you as I dashed to each of your classes to drop the bunnies off on your desks throughout the day. I don’t remember which order I did them, but there was a purple bunny with a card and flower tied to it, another that was white, and another that was yellow. Each card described the meaning of its particular color, and in some eloquently poetic way relayed that to the meaning and purpose of our relationship. The final bunny I do, however, remember; it was pink, because that was your favorite color, and online [at] I had read that pink represented “romance, love, and friendship”. They were then, and still are, the 3 basic reasons why we were together, and why we always will be.

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