Friday, September 28, 2007

Te Amo

Always thinking of the next big surprise, I asked you one day at random what your favorite song was. I didn’t have any surprise in mind at the time, but I knew I wanted to do something involving whatever that song was. You said your all-time favorite was Te Amo by Franco De Vita, so I kept that tucked away in my memory and moved on.

A few weeks later, I was talking to one of the driver’s at work about you. He was so impressed with how infatuated I was, and what beautiful things I had to say of you. He was a romantic at heart like me, and he always told me that he played guitar and could sing very well. This came to mind when I was speaking about you—as I often do—and an idea struck me to have him come sing for you. I humbly asked him, immediately assuring him that I would compensate him for it, but he refused to accept any form of remittance and eagerly agreed to help me surprise you.

On the big day, 8/28/04, 5th month anniversary, an “unexpected guest” showed up at your door while we were watching TV. I made you close your eyes as I attended to my friend, who came in and sat on a chair behind the couch, and started playing Te Amo, by Franco De Vita. You uncovered your eyes, which bolted open as you quickly realized what song he was singing. You clenched my hand and leaned on me as teardrops swelled out of your beautiful, brown eyes. When the song was finished, I asked him to keep looping the main chords as I pulled out my rhyme book and read the poem to you from the previous post.

I concluded the poem, my friend stopped playing, and I got a nice big, wet kiss! I was so delighted to see how happy this surprise made you, and how perfectly the events unfolded. I’ve been the happiest my whole life since I’ve been with you, and the need to pay you back tenfold for such bliss is moderately fed when you have such strong reaction to my romantic surprises. I plan to spend my life paying you back.

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