Friday, September 28, 2007

Happy Anniversary, mi angelita!

Hey, baby! Remember how I told you I always wanted to write down all of the romantic things I’ve done for you? Well, I finally did—or, at least I wrote down as many as I could remember—and I wanted to present it to you in a way that could last as foreseeably forever as possible. So, I decided to create a special site detailing these surprises, and add on to it as I remember more, and as I do more of them. I have no doubt the Internet will endure beyond our generation, even our children’s, so the memories of those quixotic experiences can never be forgotten so long as we live.

Each story will describe how each romantic surprise might have been imagined, how it really played out, how I got the idea, anecdotes, or anything else relevant. I know this isn’t a very tangible anniversary gift, but because this anniversary is especially special for several unrelated reasons, I wanted to make sure I could give you a gift that could never expire, never die, never fade, never disappear, never stop reminding you how deeply, truly, passionately, and overwhelmingly much I love you.

-tu diablito


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Mick said...

well that's very nice of you... thanks