Friday, September 28, 2007

Pop Me, Call Me

This is an idea that fizzled out in the end, but was still great fun in the meantime. After work, I stopped by your house, snuck up to the door, left a balloon floating there, knocked on the door, and ran away. I got to my car and drove off, awaiting your call.

Back at your house, you open the door to see a balloon I left you that reads Pop me. Of course, you comply, take it in, and poke it. Hundreds of pieces of confetti flutter out, but one larger chunk in particular sticks out. It’s a note instructing you to call my cell phone.

On the drive back home, I wait for your call. When it comes, I immediately ignore it and send you to my voicemail. I thought you would have waited to leave me a message, where you would have heard the special voicemail I left for you, talking about how much I love you and what you mean to me. However, I couldn’t predict that you would have just hung up as the voice response lady began giving you a million options for your message. All was corrected when I called you back and learned of this, then had you call me back to hear your special message.

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